Taber Extrusions: The Shape of Endless Possibilities Since 1973

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A billboard-style, graphic presentation featuring various-sizes of rendered aluminum extrusions, with the words “Taber Extrusions, The Sky is The Limit” in large bold silver lettering and a caption that reads, “complex aluminum extrusions for virtually any application,” an inverted gold triangle logo next to the word “Sky” has a background of mountains behind it all.

Taber Extrusions has extrusions in the name, but it’s really a full-service aluminum extrusion company. Taber controls it all, from the casting of the billet, the extrusion process, fabrication, and finally, the logistics.

Taber possesses a commitment to meeting and exceeding customer expectations by providing both products and customer service levels that are of the highest quality. This commitment is at the core of their operating philosophy.

Taber Extrusions History

Taber Extrusions was founded in 1973, when the Taber family acquired an aluminum extrusion plant in Russellville, Arkansas from Dow Chemical (which had originally built the plant in 1970). National Material Company L.P. (NMLP) later purchased the company in 1976. The Arkansas facility was originally dedicated to the production of specific military-related, large, wide, and long extrusions for the U.S. government.

A graphic showing an outline of the state of Arkansas, with a red map pin and Taber’s gold inverted triangle logo marking Russellville. The words “The Shape of Endless Possibilities” are to the right of the map.

Taber’s Russellville facility houses the largest rectangular aluminum extrusion press in North America, which uniquely positions Taber to extrude super-wide shapes – much more comprehensively than is possible with traditional round containers. This rectangular container allows them to supply some of the industry’s widest, most complex, multi-void hollows.

In 1995, the Gulfport, Mississippi facility was acquired in response to the growing need in the domestic market for aluminum billet products. Taber added 7″ billet molds to their existing extrusion billet casting profile.

With the intention to expand even further, in 2015, Taber upgraded the Russellville fabrication facility even more. By 2017, Taber’s aluminum cast house expansion was completed and acquired 7″, 9″, 11″, 16″, 20″, and 10″ x 20″ rectangular billet molds.

Taber completed the relocation and start-up of its micro-extrusion press lines in 2018. This greatly expanded their supply possibilities with extrusion solutions, programs, and services. Taber’s newest ultra-precision extrusion manufacturing lines have a product envelope with a circle size of 3 inches or less and a weight per foot of 1 lb. or less. The micro-extrusion presses differ from traditional extrusion presses in that they can produce extrusions with a wall thickness of 0.010 inches and tolerances of +/- 0.001 inches. Designers and engineers can use these micro-extrusion production centers to develop profiles that would otherwise be impossible to extrude using conventional presses.

Angle on 8 new shovels with white Taber Extrusions hard hats resting neatly on each shovel handle, resting on holders just beyond a mound of freshly turned dirt from a nicely manicured lawn area in front of Taber’s Russellville, Arkansas aluminum extrusion facility.

In April 2019, Taber held a groundbreaking ceremony to announce its newest in-house FSW capability, making them a vertically integrated supplier of FSW panels and assemblies never before seen in North America.

Congressman Steve Womack described how he sees Taber’s role from both a local and national perspective:

“The expansion of an existing company such as Taber Extrusions means a lot more than the location of a new company. It means that Taber is in the right place and has what it needs to succeed. Taber plays an important role in the defense of our nation with products that are an asset to our defense capabilities.”

“This was an obvious next-step for Taber,” said Jason Weber, V.P. of Sales and Marketing, in an article by Light Metal Age Magazine. “The company was founded in 1973, and never stopped diversifying, adding new capabilities, and technologies. We are known for aluminum extrusions, fabrication, billet casting, ultra-precision extrusions. Friction stir welding was going to happen eventually.”

A slick-looking 3D-rendered graphic of Taber Extrusion’s Haas VF-12 CNC machine on the right side of Taber’s official gold inverted triangle logo, and the words, “Introducing out new Haas VF-12/40”

As for the most recent addition to Taber’s extrusion capabilities, they announced the Haas VF-12 CNC. This one-of-a-kind machine allows Taber’s top engineers to design optimal extrusion shapes using specialized software to have them made within this “self-contained factory,” all in one precise and effective process.

Weber had this to say about their 2021 machining center expansion

We will continue to invest in technologies that provide the widest scope of services in the aluminum extrusion industry. The Haas VF-12 CNC machine is yet another example of our willingness to invest and deliver the widest scope of services across the aluminum extrusion continuum.”

See our company timeline infographic here.

Helping Shape Our Community

A graphic featuring the Taber inverted gold triangle logo and the words “Powered by Ambition” atop a background of aluminum decking profiles with a dark blue hue for a wallpaper effect.

Taber cares about the communities in which their employees live and work. Their goal is to provide their employees with a safe and secure workplace that has an emphasis on personal and professional development, as well as cultivating an attitude focused on delivering genuine and reliable service. Excellent customer service will always stand out, and Taber enjoys the many long-term relationships which have developed over the years because of the personal accountability that they give to their customers.

Forming and shaping the identity of a community is one of the greatest things about Taber’s position. Not only are local businesses like Taber a crucial element in creating a culture for the community, but they also build connections and relationships with the people.

Work at Taber Extrusions

As an aluminum extruder with extremely broad and unique capabilities there is no question that Taber’s employees have been the foundation of their success. They have developed an atmosphere where people are respected and appreciated. The Taber family plans to continue to foster careers that are right for their people, and right for their business. There is no question: Taber’s employees power their success.

A 2-panel graphic – right panel is a wide shot of an elegant rectangular black lacquer pedestal adorned with a silver cast hard hat with the NMLP inverted triangle logo with words inscribed. The left panel reads, “Taber Extrusions Russellville, AR. Awarded 2018 Safety Excellence Award.”

Pictured above: Taber Extrusions took home National Material L.P.’s 2018 Safety Excellence Award for exceptional safety management at their Russellville, Arkansas facility.

Taber is growing fast, and we are seeking talent in engineering, operations, sales, and more! You may be exactly what we’re looking for in our vision for future growth. Feel free to apply and place your resume in our database. We have an extensive community of career opportunities, and we are always on the hunt for great talent and professionals. You can also apply to an open position which will either match you to your next career move or place you in our network to receive job updates.

View our open career listings here!

Taber Extrusions: Summary

Founded in 1973, Taber Extrusions originally pioneered a process for extruding rectangular billet which enables the company to extrude extra-large aluminum extrusion profiles up to 31 inches wide or hollows up to 29 inches. Taber expanded with the purchase of an extrusion facility in Gulfport, MS in 1995 which houses a state-of-the-art cast house and two additional presses, micro-extrusion capabilities, and the fabrication area has been expanded multiple times.

Taber continues to extrude billet in a wide range of alloys and sizes and has diversified its markets beyond military since its inception to include aerospace, automotive, marine, infrastructure, and sporting goods, among many others. With in-house casting solutions, ultra-precision extrusion manufacturing, friction stir welding capacities, and a full range of hard and soft aluminum alloys, Taber continues to align itself as an industry leader in having the broadest available capabilities. 

Today, Taber Extrusions is proud of its recently added VF-12 CNC machining line and a full offering of extruded aluminum components, value-added machining services, and raw material supply to the North American market. Adding these capabilities to a growing portfolio propels Taber into the future in a quest to continuously improve the quality and service we provide to our customers.

Thank you for your continued support of Taber Extrusions, LLC. If you have any questions, please visit or contact one of Taber’s regional sales managers.