Uses Of Aluminum: Construction

2015-06-18T15:33:38+00:00July 18th, 2012|

For the everyday Joe, aluminum is probably only thought of in the commercial sense: soda cans, wrapping foil, etc. Our new Uses Of Aluminum series of posts will educate the reader on how widely aluminum is used throughout the world.

When it comes to construction, people often think steel. After all, steel is generally seen as the strongest metal — that’s why Superman is called the Man Of Steel, not the Man Of Copper. However, the construction industry is constantly evolving with the latest casting technology. That means a greater range of materials used for critical purposes, and aluminum is near the top of the list.

Bridges, buildings, homes, even oil rigs — aluminum is everywhere in our daily lives. Why is this? Aluminum’s low weight is a major selling point. Of course, low weight means nothing without other properties, and aluminum comes with the strength and durability necessary for use in a variety of situations.

Those situations include traditional uses such as frames, siding, and roofing. However, the construction industry is always pressing forward with new and innovative ideas, and with aging bridges and structures requiring renovation and reinforcement, aluminum’s many benefits make it a smart alternative to the materials of the past.