Taber Now Offers AR-15 Dies to FFL Certified Firearms Manufacturers

2017-01-26T23:37:27+00:00December 7th, 2016|

Rectangular_container1There are a number of things that sets Taber Extrusions apart from their competition. Taber has the only rectangular container in North America, which allows our customers to extrude super wide shapes, much wider than traditional round containers can offer. Taber’s slogan is “Broadest Capabilities in the Aluminum Extrusion Industry.” Is this true? How can one company “blanket the market” when it comes to capabilities? By offering the offbeat. By supplying our customers with whatever they dream up. We’ve found that collaboration results in innovation. Taber Extrusions now offers customizable upper & lower oversized extrusions for AR-15 variant rifles, perfect for the progressive fabricator looking to accommodate multiple design features. The die sets we supply are of our own design.
Our dies are created from either the 7075, and/or 6061 series aluminum alloys, some of the strongest that see widespread use — they are naturally lightweight and strong and have a far higher heat threshold than other alloys, making them a very important material in the aerospace industry. That’s right — our AR-15 shapes are made from the same material as military grade jets and satellite apparatuses.

Our AR-15 extrusions specifically benefit mid-level FFL certified firearms manufacturers who require both the upper and lower receiver portion of the mold. Customers can order as little as 1 mill length of our standard or stock AR extrusions. We also grant some interior latitude for your discretion since our uppers and lowers are a bit oversized so our customers can have more freedom.

Taber Extrusions continues to earn our leadership role in the aluminum extrusion industry. We have added small order AR-15 dies to the mix, and will continue to service top names in both the archery and firearm industries.

Very few extruding companies provide such a service. Ready to get started? Give us a call at (800) 563-6853 or request a quote at