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Aluminum billets being casted at Taber Extrusions’ upgraded aluminum casthouse in Gulfport, Mississippi.

Here at Taber, we’ve listened to market demands by updating our Gulfport, MS. casthouse, and we are now proud to offer top quality aluminum alloys made in the U.S.A. delivered to you within a short lead time.

From Aluminum Alloy to End Use

Aluminum billets (also referred to as “logs” or “ingots”) are not of practical use until they have been formed into more functional shapes and sizes. While they have already been put in the furnace, they still require a series of shaping and molding procedures such as hot and cold working, milling, and cutting.

Aluminum billets are considered fresh and raw, and they must undergo a series of manufacturing processes before they can be used for various purposes. Billets are made by means of freezing molten liquid and are later exposed to extremely low temperatures in order to allow the metal to take shape and solidify in chemical structure. The temperature manipulates the metal’s physical properties and tones its strength and durability. The subsequent processes provide the metal’s curved mold design, so it can fit inside the allotted spaces provided by other machines, which complete finishing procedures.

Taber cast house favoring a freshly casted stack of 16 billets.


Proper casting is important, as it determines the quality of the product upon going through the final processing stages. These stages influence the billet’s strength and flexibility. The billets undergo a number of tests before they are sold.

Taber’s “Alloys Made in The U.S.A. For Immediate Sale” Chemical Composition Chart

A chemical compound chart for the 6061, 6063, 6005, 6005A, and 6082 alloys.


If you are looking for top quality aluminum alloys made in the U.S.A. delivered to you within a short lead time, look no further than Taber Extrusions.

Taber is proud to announce their “Aluminum Alloys Made in The U.S.A. For Immediate Sale” initiative – featuring short lead times and less than truckload quantities.

General specifications include aluminum alloys 6061 and 6063.* Diameters offered include 7”, 9”, 11” and 16” (actual diameter 15 5/8”) and log lengths of 191” (+.125” -0). Specific chemical composition for alloys can be viewed on Taber’s website. Freight Terms: Freight on Board – Gulfport, Mississippi.

Anticipating a successful aluminum alloy sale, Taber recommends that customers call for availability. “When our casthouse was upgraded in 2017, we were thrilled to be able to offer extrusion logs to our fellow extruders. Now, in 2020 we are excited to add stock and speed to the equation.” says Jason Weber – VP Sales and Marketing at Taber. The Gulfport Casthouse is uniquely situated with port access as well as easy access to industrial scrap. These input factors

coupled with the recently refurbished casting equipment with the LARS® in-line degassing and purification system supplies chemistries and consistencies which rival those of larger producers.

About Taber Extrusions

Taber Extrusions is a full-service partner with an unwavering commitment to consistently meeting and exceeding customer expectations by providing both products and services of the highest quality. This commitment is at the core of Taber’s value-added philosophy.

Unique, customized capabilities are key. Taber’s specialty is the manufacturing of complex and intricate extrusions which competitors consider difficult or even impossible. Taber’s full range of extrusion presses give them unmatched flexibility and profile capabilities. Their value-added philosophy, along with their impressive portfolio of custom capabilities and top-tier customer service is why Taber Extrusions has been a leader in the extrusion industry for over four decades.

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