The 5000 series outperforms the 6000 series alloy, providing improved performance in marine and other military applications


RUSSELLVILLE, Ark., March 17, 2010 — Taber Extrusions LLC, a pioneering manufacturer of complex aluminum extrusions, has released a white paper on its 5000 series aluminum extrusions.

“The white paper is meant as an education tool for marine aluminum extrusions and military applications,” remarked Bill Wetmore, president, “The unique attributes of the 5000 Series aluminum extrusions, including its American production, have gained the attention and approval of the U.S. military, allowing us to be the supplier of some of the military’s premier programs for nearly 40 years. In this white paper, we delve into the specifics of the 5000 series aluminum extrusions and explain why it is has become such a valuable component to the U.S. military.”


The use of 5000 series alloy extrusions in marine and military vehicle applications offers multiple advantages over the more common 6000 series soft alloys and continues to be the materials of choice for both naval marine and military vehicle applications. When compared to 6000 series alloys, Taber Extrusions’ 5000 series exhibits superior ductility, formability and corrosion resistance with mechanical properties approaching those of 6000 series alloys in T6 tempers. In addition, the 5000 series loses far less strength when subjected to the heat associated with traditional welding processes, minimizing the “weak link” that is often associated with welding.


Taber Extrusions is considered the industry leader for specialty products, including 5000 series extrusions for use in many major military programs. The white paper is available for download at: