According to a recent article, on Packaging Europe’s website, aluminium packaging manufacturers in Europe had great financial year in 2011.


The article claims:


“At 401,300 tonnes (t) of aluminium foils, tubes, and aerosol and beverage cans, aluminium packaging manufacturers were producing almost at the high level of the previous year (2010: 405,000 t).”


The article also notes that there was an increase in beverage can production, and manufacturers of aluminium aerosol cans grew considerably and achieved a new record in production. Additionally, there was a strong demand for aluminium in the European markets of food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.


According to Manfred Mertens of Hydro Aluminium,


“Aluminium is one of the best-performing packaging materials. It has universal applications and excellent barrier characteristics – either as mono-material or used together with other packaging materials, in cases where food requirements and optimum protection of the content are the factors to be satisfied.”


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