How Buying from a Minority Supplier Impacts Local Communities

Thousands of thoughts come between the moment an idea is born and the day that same idea is brought to fruition, and an overwhelming majority of those thoughts will center around one simple question—will this make an impact on the world?

Taber Extrusions is already known for our unwavering commitment to consistently meeting and exceeding customer expectations by providing both products and service of the highest quality, but one of the often overlooked aspects of what strengthens Taber Extrusions as an aluminum extrusion company is the economic growth and impact it makes on local communities by being a Minority Supplier and a Certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE.)

Why partner with a certified minority supplier?

  • Certification ensures minority eligibility is established through screenings, interviews and site visits.
  • Better quality products, services, and solutions as a result of a diverse supply base.
  • Showcases the company’s support of the economic growth of all communities.
  • Demonstrates a commitment to new thinking & ideas.

The importance of buying from a minority supplier and the impact it makes on local communities is not just limited to aluminum extrusion companies. According to a 2014 study by the National Minority Supplier Development Council, MBE suppliers have a total economic impact of over $400 billion dollars in output that results in the creation of and/or preservation of more than 2.2 million jobs held by persons who find themselves either directly or indirectly employed certified MBEs.”

That means that more than 2.25 million jobs and over $400 BILLION dollars can be used to build, sustain, and directly benefit families and their respective local communities.

Buying from a minority supplier and MBE Certified company such as Taber Extrusions will ultimately lead to the hiring of additional people from the MBE community in order to keep up with the demand generated and can even lead to the creation of a wider range of products and services, which will inevitably create even more jobs. Moreover, by doing so, more people have income which they will use to purchase goods and services for their households and families which will ultimately enrich and feed the economy on a broader scale.

Allan Bennett, Taber Extrusions VP of Sales & Marketing, was recently quoted expanding on this conversation in a blog found here, and was quoted as saying “As a MBE supplier of aluminum extrusions, we’ve found that successful strategic partnerships increase our range of products, services, and capabilities.”

Being a minority supplier is important for all industries not just an Aluminum Extrusion company like Taber Extrusions. We are endlessly proud of the quality of work we provide as well as the economic impact we make by being a minority supplier and as a certified minority business enterprise.

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