How much is your company worth? Recently there was an article in Inc. magazine that explored the trials and tribulations of owning a business. One of the most interesting points in the article however was its point that businesses with cutting edge technologies are always able to attract new buyers. In particular, industries that are most successful tend to be in the world of manufacturing.

However as we all know the economy is struggling but businesses who are able to push ahead can really find their niche in a particular area. It is all about value and once a business understands their own worth, they can prosper.

As Taber Extrusions continues to be a leader in manufacturing aluminum extrusions, we are always excited to read about how manufacturing is the place to be in the world of business. Though manufacturing is a business with a plethora of production costs, it has a significant turn around.

Here is to a great new year of business and creating aluminum extrusions!