AeroGo has been revolutionizing load moving solutions for over 50 years, and Taber Extrusions has been a proud AeroGo partner for over 30 of those years. Located in Seattle, Washington AeroGo provides innovative solutions for moving extremely heavy materials through air bearing systems.

In 1967, AeroGo began engineering design and fabrication for specialized assembling and tooling fixtures for the aerospace industry. Over the years, the company has expanded to provide practical and efficient methods of rotation, alignment, transfer, location, and movement of materials weighing anywhere from 500 pounds to over 5,000 tons through air bearing systems (custom or standard air caster systems).

Over the years, AeroGo has transformed into a problem solving company by supplying customers with latest technology for any load moving challenges. In order to stay current with the latest fabrication and machining technology, AeroGo implements continuous development to integrate the latest technology into moving and assembling the heaviest and most cumbersome loads. Your moving problems are solved with wheel transporters, rails, air casters (bearings), or stationary manipulators.

Air casters are designed to float heavy loads on a virtually frictionless small film of air. Using air bearing systems to move heavy loads provides a clean, quiet, and safe alternative for handling heavy loads and has many benefits, including:

  • Reduced need for cranes and heavy machinery to move heavy and cumbersome loads.
  • Reduced friction and omni-directional transfer, allowing precise handling of heavy and awkward loads.
  • Provides operator with better ability to maneuver in a limited work space.
  • Air casters will not damage floors and have a low profile.
  • Due to the use of pneumatic components, air casters can operate in almost all environments unlike conventional methods of heavy load handling systems.

With applications in aerospace, energy, manufacturing, marine shipbuilding, on and offshore oil and gas, roll handling, military and defense, automotive, entertainment, and modular structures AeroGo is the preferred choice for those who work smarter, not harder.