If you’ve got an ant problem, there are the usual problems: traps, spray, or perhaps finding an eco-friendly way of exterminating the pests.

However, if you have access to molten aluminum, you could try something much different. And yes, it’s a little harsh on the little buggers (but really, is it any different than poisoning them with traps?) but it does create one very unique side benefit: a frozen-in-time sculpture of an ant hill. From Sploid.com:

Though probably insensitive to the fire ants who called this ant hill home, pouring molten aluminum into the ant hill reveals the intricate labyrinth of tunnels and passageways hidden underneath the ground. It’s incredible and beautiful and almost looks like a Christmas tree.

Anthill Art basically casted the ant colony to create the aluminum sculpture.

The molten aluminum was poured inside the ant hill’s opening until it hardened and then excavated from the ground. Anthill Art then had to blast the sculpture with water to remove the excess dirt surrounding the tunnels to get the beautiful sculpture above. Harsh for the ants, yes, but an endlessly fascinating look at an ant’s life for the rest of us.

Click on the link above to get a good look at the final sculpture. However, if you believe in karmic retribution, the artists involved might want to stay away from any places that melt metal or dump concrete for the foreseeable future.