This month we’re proud to introduce you to the latest member of the Taber team: our new Taber Extrusions Plant Engineering Manager, Gulfport: Allan Sewell.

Originally from Runnelstown, Mississippi, and a proud graduate of University of Southern Mississippi, Allan Sewell (pronounced “Sue-ull”) has enjoyed an enduring and successful career in the manufacturing industry, bringing over 25 years of experience to the Taber Extrusions team. Joining the Taber team in September, his presence and expertise have elevated him to an essential role.

As the Plant Engineering Manager of the Gulfport location, Allan’s day-to-day objectives include keeping a sharp eye on his main team and their current projects, capital project management, and providing general engineering support to operations. As Taber Extrusions continues to grow as a company, so too does he want to grow his involvement with his location’s ambitious projects.

Ambitious projects don’t stop with Allan’s work career. Mr. Sewell has spent over 20 years restoring automobiles, buying and selling dozens, doing everything himself; mechanical and cosmetic, including paintwork. The minute you can get Allan talking about… “old things….” be prepared, you have opened a special place in this human heart. Ask him about “Red” or “Old Blue.” As with any group structure, there is going to be some favorites, and his 4-wheeled family is no exception. Blue is a sought after Jeep CJ8 Scrambler, CJ style, with more of a pickup bed, and quite coveted for its rarity. He held onto Blue until relocating from Tennessee in late 2013. Allan still has (and loves) his fully-drivable Red, which he’s had for 11 years.


Beyond “Blue,” Allan has other memories he likes to build out. If you’ve ever heard about “reclaimed wood,” it’s quite a thing right now, even warranting a recent show on NPR. Here at Taber, we have our very own Allan Sewell that has been woodworking with this now-trendy-wood-medium since his wife asked him to build her something out of old barn wood similar to what she had seen at craft shows. But let’s back up a bit: Allan’s father was a finish carpenter, and the exposure to woodworking and cabinetry had always existed in his life. He began building cabinets and furniture in his own shops after finishing college as a hobby, always being involved at some level. But his wife’s request 7 years ago for barn wood furniture took Allan away from traditional fully detailed/finished woodworking to the reclaimed side of the universe.

She was referring to the nailing together of unfinished pieces of old wood, but Allan, not being the kind of person interested in doing things halfway, created a durable piece of finished furniture. That initiated the re-purposing of old wood. He has created many pieces since then, enjoying the hunt for lumber and all that comes with it; dismantling old barns, finding the right rustic pieces, and searching for nature’s best art samples. Currently, Allan is in the process of milling the lumber for the walls of his new shop. See one of his pieces at – a classic old world style coffee table/chest beautifully reclaimed from wormy chestnut. Now, or at least when his shop is finished, he will be building with both traditional milled virgin lumber, as well as, reclaimed.


When Allan Sewell isn’t spending time with his wife, family, automobiles, or woodworking you will find him at Taber’s Gulfport location helping ensure a great company culture and quality products. “I’ve been fortunate during my career to have worked with many very talented people and have held positions in varying industries. This combination has rewarded me with a broad experience/exposure base for which I’m grateful.” Says Sewell.

His advice to others on how he reached his success? “Be as well rounded as possible, be willing to put in a lot of hours, and look for opportunities to grow your company and your role within it.”

Sounds precisely “on the beam,” Mr. Sewell. Taber is thrilled to have you as our Gulfport Plant Engineering Manager.