The benefit of aluminum in care manufacturing has been celebrated in recent years by some of the most notable and innovative luxury car brands. As of 2013 Mercedes Benz will be no different, as they add their name to an exclusive list of brands like Ferrari, who choose to use aluminum.

What makes this particular vehicle so impactful is the amount of material that is intended to make-up the vehicle.  Previously unprecedented, “the new SL has been built almost entirely out of aluminum and weighs nearly 140 kilograms less than its predecessor.” For the same reason bus and airline manufactures use the material, so now will Mercedes. But “the aluminum structure is not only lighter – it is also more ridged.”

This is achieved by using construction with components optimized for their specific task. Parts are made by chill casting or vacuum die-casting, worked into extruded aluminum sections or into aluminum panels of different thicknesses. The result is high rigidity, high safety levels and better vibration control.

The vehicle’s suspension will also benefit from the materials inclusion. Precisely speaking, “the steering knuckles and spring links on the front axle

[will be] made out of aluminum to reduce the unsprung masses.” Meaning the sports car will ride smoother than ever before. Body style stays fairly consistent with previous years with a few aesthetic upgrades to the vehicles grill. Overall the vehicle is sure to impress consumers as well as market the benefits of aluminum within car manufacturing.

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