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Press Releases

2604, 2010

Taber Extrusions releases key information on marine aluminum extrusions and other military applications

April 26th, 2010|Categories: Press Releases|

The 5000 series outperforms the 6000 series alloy, providing improved performance in marine and other military applications RUSSELLVILLE, Ark., March 17, 2010 — Taber Extrusions LLC, a pioneering manufacturer of complex aluminum extrusions, has released a white paper on its 5000 series aluminum extrusions. “The white paper is meant as an education tool for marine aluminum extrusions and military applications,” remarked Bill Wetmore, president, “The unique attributes of the 5000 Series aluminum extrusions, including its American production, have gained the attention and approval of the U.S. military, allowing us to be the supplier of some of the military’s premier [...]

2802, 2010

Taber Extrusions deploys wide multi-void extrusions to meet special application needs of U.S. military while reducing final fabrication costs

February 28th, 2010|Categories: Press Releases|

With a commitment to “Buy American,” Taber Extrusions processes all materials domestically to produce complex wide extrusions, such as AM2 matting, decking, platforms, panels, heat sinks, archery bow risers and bars. RUSSELLVILLE, Ark., Feb. XX, 2010 — Taber Extrusions LLC, a pioneering manufacturer of complex aluminum extrusions, has earned the distinction as the only U.S. domestic aluminum extruder using a rectangular container and billet configuration to produce wide aluminum extrusions with superior tolerances for military and commercial applications.  This distinction has garnered Taber Extrusions the position as the preferred supplier for custom defense-related applications using ultra-wide multi-void hollow extrusions in [...]

402, 2010

Taber Extrusions serves as the preferred U.S. domestic extruder to meet stringent technical requirements of 5000 series alloys

February 4th, 2010|Categories: Press Releases|

Taber Extrusions supplies custom and standard 5000 series alloy extrusions for U.S. military land and sea applications. RUSSELLVILLE, Ark., Feb. 4, 2010 — Taber Extrusions LLC, a pioneering manufacturer of complex aluminum extrusions, is using 5000 series alloy aluminum extrusions to support U.S. military fleets and weaponry. As the premier domestic extruder to have developed the expertise to consistently meet the stringent technical requirements of the various 5000 series alloys (5083, 5086, 5454 and 5456), Taber Extrusions has maintained a steady supply for some of the U.S. military’s premier programs for over 35 years. Most recently, Taber Extrusions provided 5000 [...]

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