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Taber Aluminum Extrusion Latest News

A Brief History of Aluminum Extrusions and How They Will Shape the Future

Just look around you,aluminum extrusions are used in almost every facet of your daily life. From cars to office building structures, to the rail of a staircase, extruded aluminum is all around us. But [...]

Aluminum Extrusions Provide Healthcare Solutions

Aluminum extrusions have countless benefits, almost all of which can benefit the medical and healthcare industry. Aluminum extrusions for the healthcare industry allow for flexible designs that can help meet very specific needs. All [...]

Achieving a Shiny Finish: How Aluminum Accepts a Variety of Finishes

The applications for aluminum alloys are varied, but for many projects, such as with infrastructure or medical products, the appearance of the final product counts. This means that having a variety of aluminum surface [...]

Microextrusions for Consumer Electronics

Are you familiar with Moore’s Law? It’s an observation made by Gordon Moore, cofounder of Intel. It posits that the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit doubles every two years. Put simply, [...]

How Aluminum Extrusions Make Public Transport More Efficient

People today are becoming increasingly conscious of the energy they use and look for ways to be more conservative. For many, this draws them to use public transportation for its notable efficiency. But how [...]

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