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Fabricated Aluminum Could be the Key to Never Charging your Phone Again

  Nowadays, the humble phone charger is practically up there with food, water, and shelter when it comes to absolute necessities. Who among us hasn't spent twenty minutes crawling around hotel room trying to [...]

March 13th, 2017|Categories: Blog, Taber Extrusions News|

High Strength Aluminum & AHSS

As our team began our research to deliver this blog post to you, we kept coming across the most engaging content from the same author as we researched “aluminum extrusions,” “high strength aluminum,” and other [...]

Meet the Man Who Built an Aluminum House in his Spare Time

Many of us use aluminum every day to preserve our food, insulate our homes, and even travel to and from work. However, mid-century architect Ed Westall has us all beat; in the 1950s he built [...]

2016 Was A Great Year for Aluminum Markets

2016 was certainly an interesting year; between Brexit and the enormously capricious U.S Presidential election, a lot of folks in many industries of the world found it hard to shake uncertainty in their trust [...]