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2 05, 2017

Spotlight – Eric Angermeier

2017-09-11T16:49:56+00:00 May 2nd, 2017|

Has anyone gotten to know the new President of Taber yet? Maybe you’ve had a polite exchange, correspondence through e-mail, or even sat down with him in a meeting. But if you’re lucky, you’re sipping your coffee right now, and can afford yourself a few minutes to kick back and get to know a thing or two about Mr. Eric Angermeier.

He’s an authentic Midwesterner with the family values and hard-working attitude to match. Ask him what his perfect day would consist of, Angermeier may just straighten his back, raise his voice a bit, and say, “Seeing success and progress. Working with engaged teams. Getting that big order.” Strong career focus and building victory is something that keeps his personal attention. Yet, when he does leave the office, you may find him doing some yard work, playing golf, or spending some relaxing time with his family.

Originally from the Detroit, Michigan area, Eric entered his academic career as an accounting major and earned BS in Business Administration, then became a Certified Lean Manager from Ohio State University. Since then, he’s accumulated roughly 30 years of collective experience in the aluminum and aluminum extrusion industry and gained a rich background in developing team-based organizations. He established himself in various senior level leadership roles including sales and operations management at multiple plant sites in the United States. Prior to coming to Taber, Angermeier held the role of President at Manufacturing Performance Improvement Systems Consulting, utilizing his strong established background in operations, sales, and finance.

It’s safe to say that the President of Taber Extrusions is bringing some added wisdom to the team. Grandfatherly wisdom, as well – Eric is a Grandfather, a Dad, and a Husband whom loves nothing more than having the family under one roof whenever possible (or around one lake.) When the gift-of-getaway happens, Angermeier’s favorite destinations are mostly here in the U.S., and maybe a tropical beach or a Canadian lake, with family.

On-point with that instilled Midwest social responsibility, Eric Angermeier is a recent member of the Economic Development Council and Indiana Chamber of Commerce. Spent time on the board of The Center of Excellence at Ohio State, and is active in The United Way. He is looking for opportunities to get involved in civic affairs in the Russellville, Arkansas and Gulfport, Mississippi areas. It’s clear that Angermeier has the mindset of a catalyst, and he has his sights set on a very bright future for Taber, “Our vision is to develop our culture of integrity, to leverage our unique capabilities to continue to foster business growth, to be the preferred employer and supplier for the extrusion industry, to continually lower our environmental footprint, and to reach this vision through the newly developing Taber Extrusions Production System.”



What impresses Eric Angermeier most about the folks at Taber? “I’ve received a great welcome. They are truly responsive to ideas, and willing to help me learn the business here at Taber,” he says. “With Taber being truly unique in the aluminum extrusion industry because of the large press extrusion sizes while offering both hard and soft alloys; we are able to offer what no one else can. That is exciting.” And speaking of exciting, when asked what he might have done with his life if the aluminum industry had never become a part of it, he responded, “Renting out jet skis or para-sailing rides… or, well…. probably teaching business courses.” Welcome to the club, Eric Angermeier!

29 03, 2017

Extruding Process 101: Learn About Extrusions With Our Latest Video

2017-03-29T17:34:16+00:00 March 29th, 2017|

Are you looking for a simple, efficient way to help customers understand the extruding process? Maybe you have a few employees who need a refresher? Well, your friends at Taber Extrusions have put together this fun animated video to explain, “What Is An Extrusion?”. We hope it can be a helpful resource for our colleagues and clients alike who want to describe the extruding process to others. You can watch by clicking the play button above, or by visiting our YouTube channel!

13 03, 2017

Fabricated Aluminum Could be the Key to Never Charging your Phone Again

2017-03-14T16:39:59+00:00 March 13th, 2017|


Nowadays, the humble phone charger is practically up there with food, water, and shelter when it comes to absolute necessities. Who among us hasn’t spent twenty minutes crawling around hotel room trying to find a rogue power cord, or driven to a 24-hour pharmacy in the middle of the night because you realize you forgot your charger when you packed for vacation? These energy issues could son become a thing of the past however, if the scientists at Disney Research get their way. Using fabricated aluminum, researchers have constructed a fully functional room that can charge all of your devices when you walk in the door. That’s right; totally wireless charging – no docks, no cords, no power stations. What makes it possible? Aluminum extrusions!

As detailed over at The Next Web, the researchers at Disney engineers constructed a custom copper pole to emit continuous energy in a constant radius around the room. The walls and surfaces of the room were constructed from aluminum extrusions in order to keep the energy inside the room and charging all devices. One big challenge the engineers faced was creating an environment which was safe for humans, and not just their devices. While fabricated aluminum was very efficient at blocking electromagnetic signals from escaping the charging room, it may have been a little too good at its task. Scientists ended up fine-tuning the amount of energy the pole emitted to ensure the safety of anyone who spent time there. Still, the project was ultimately successful as researchers found devices would charge in any location and any orientation inside the room.

Innovative ideas like these speak to the ideals of Taber Extrusions – that anything is possible with a little ingenuity and the right team. That’s why we are always excited to speak with new clients about what aluminum extrusions can do for their business. We serve a wide variety of industries and are always looking to expand into new territory, so drop us a line today! We look forward to hearing from you!

24 02, 2017

High Strength Aluminum & AHSS

2017-02-24T17:56:44+00:00 February 24th, 2017|

As our team began our research to deliver this blog post to you, we kept coming across the most engaging content from the same author as we researched “aluminum extrusions,” “high strength aluminum,” and other metallurgical-related topics. We pride ourselves at being great copywriters, but I found myself getting sucked in to articles like “Sheet Aluminum Alloys for Cans and Cars,” and “Achieving Successful Stamping of AHSS” pulling me in with descriptive content, humor, excellent infographics, and most importantly: highly technical concepts and information that was easy to comprehend. Let’s face it: Aluminum, steel, metallurgy, etc. aren’t the most seductive subjects to write about. Because of this, we decided to see if we couldn’t set up a call with this elusive material science whiz, and what do you know? He accepted our call.

Danny Schaeffler, Ph.D. is currently Founder and President of Engineering Quality Solutions, Inc., and Chief Content Officer at 4M Partners LLC. His resume and experience effortlessly exceed the character counts for each field in his LinkedIn profile. And the best part for us; Schaeffler is an independent third party, so he could discuss anything we asked without either party having concern over commercial or competitive aspects.

The discussion began, not speaking of aluminum extrusions and aluminum casting, but of sheet aluminum in respect to automotive applications. Most of us are aware of the evolving use of Advanced High-Strength Steels due to the new advancements of high-strength steel grades enabling the auto industry to keep costs down while still meeting requirements – especially when it comes to fuel efficiency and crash performance.

So, how do high strength aluminum alloys measure up against AHSS in automotive application?

Advanced aluminum alloys are the fastest growing material (second only to steel) in the design of new vehicles going to market. Drivealuminum.org puts it like this: “Low weight, crash absorbent, durable, corrosion resistant, easily formable and infinitely recyclable, aluminum helps save consumers money at the gas pump while delivering cars and trucks that are safer, greener and better performing. Cars and trucks down-weighted with advanced aluminum alloys are more fuel efficient with fewer life cycle carbon emissions as compared to heavier steel vehicles. Aluminum also is a proven force multiplier for powertrain, vehicle battery, aerodynamic and rolling resistance advances. Aluminum simply builds a better vehicle.”

How about a look at the very different approaches that GM and Ford used in regards to light-weighting vehicles through the use of high strength aluminum alloys over the past decade?

The aluminum truck: The Ford F150 cost approximately two billion dollars to create. Ford gutted their Dearborn and Kansas City plants to build new facilities from the ground up, and filled them with tooling, lasers, and robots designed to work with aluminum rather than steel. By doing this, Ford was able to make an extremely high quality body structure, and shed approximately 700 lbs. per vehicle, according to Ford officials. A very bold move which paid off.

GM, just as committed to reducing the weight of their vehicles, decided to go another route. Without scrapping plants and building new facilities from scratch, GM came up with a patented welding approach to allow for greater use of aluminum and steel on the same vehicle. In summary, they’ve married steel and aluminum through spot welding, reducing the need for rivets, and saving roughly several hundred pounds per vehicle.

The GM approach of being able to spot weld a higher melting point material to a lower melting point material allowed them (more or less) use their existing plants and equipment with a fraction of the capital expense of what Ford had to go through. Aluminum costs more, but you’ll use less of it. Advanced High Strength Steel costs more than high strength steel. But the price premium for AHSS is substantially less than the premium for aluminum. 2 very different approaches. Both effective.

It’s fascinating to keep in mind that most of the sheet aluminum and steel alloys used on today’s vehicles were not even manufactured 20 years ago. They weren’t even a glimmer in Mommy Car & Daddy truck’s headlights. Today we are talking about technologies that didn’t even exist until recently.

Final analysis? The automotive industry is one of the biggest drivers for optimized material selection. The need for globally available parts, and sheer volume and complexity of the automotive assembly process is an ideal litmus test. Lives and livelihoods depend on it. Welcome to the roads, high strength aluminum alloys, your steel counterparts invite you into the mix.

Schaeffler sums it up, “Automotive designers and engineers need to understand the characteristics of today’s materials in order to optimize the balance of cost, manufacturing and safety all while creating a car people want to buy.” Which hits the nail on the head of this riveting discussion!

For more of our super interesting blogs about the aluminum market, aluminum extrusions, and other industry-related topics, visit www.taberextrusions.com or get in touch by e-mailing us at info@taberextrusions.com

9 02, 2017

Meet the Man Who Built an Aluminum House in his Spare Time

2017-02-09T19:18:49+00:00 February 9th, 2017|

Many of us use aluminum every day to preserve our food, insulate our homes, and even travel to and from work. However, mid-century architect Ed Westall has us all beat; in the 1950s he built a beautiful family home entirely out of aluminum! The showpiece stands as a testament to the mid-century modern aesthetic as well as the triumph of human imagination – and the adaptability of aluminum alloys. Of course, we here at Taber are a bit biased in our opinions of aluminum, but we find Westall’s story to be as inspiring as it is illuminating (or shall we say, a-luminating!)

While working as an engineer in the 1940s and 50s, Ed Westall was searching for something more. Something to give his life purpose, and hopefully enrich the lives of others around him. It was post-war America; the economy was booming, and more and more families were looking to upgrade their homes and move out of the cities. Westall wanted to come up with an efficient and affordable way to provide as many homes as possible to as many families as possible. He came up with the idea of an aluminum house due to the availability of the material after the war. His prototype was decidedly Space Age, with many rounded corners and domes, all shining with reflective aluminum siding. His contemporaries marveled at the efficient use of space inside the home, even as they puzzled as to whether the innovative design would catch on.

Ultimately aluminum homes did not become the standard of the future as Westall had hoped, although the material has many applications in modern homes and homebuilding today. We can still take inspiration from his courage and desire to help families around the country. At Taber Extrusions, we are always looking for new ways to inspire our communities around us by creating custom shapes for almost any application. Call us today at (888) 984-1659 to see what aluminum could build for your future!


21 01, 2017

Employee Spotlight: Mike McDonald

2017-02-07T19:44:32+00:00 January 21st, 2017|


To know him is to love him,” a phrase used casually nowadays, hardly moving an emotional muscle of the person being told: “No really… he’s a very special person. He is devoted. He is loving. He is honest. He is consistent.”

Berlie McDonald. Berlie is not the subject of this quarter’s Employee Spotlight. His Grandson, Michael McDonald is. However, if you want to see what makes Mike McDonald tick, get him talking about his Grandfather – Berlie McDonald. It seems that all the same words you could use to describe Mike’s Grandfather are in Mike’s DNA too, nurtured into his upbringing by one tight family unit, starting with Berlie, who passed away less than a year ago.

Michael McDonald is the Co-Plant Manager for Taber’s Russellville, Arkansas location. A Russellville native, he worked as a contractor and carpenter up until 2004. Almost 13 years ago, Mike applied to Taber as a temp, and was hired on full time within a few months. Mike spent time in shipping, inventory, and production for over seven years before he moved into account management and sales, working closely to connect production to sales staff and clients. He now oversees raw material, purchasing, extrusion, finishing, and shipping on the extrusion side of the business, and manages the fabrication department.

The “McDonald Family Bond” – which is the foundation that Mike draws from – is in everything he does. As a young boy, he observed Grandpa Berlie watching episodes of “Gunsmoke” thoughout the day – so no wonder this is something that brings back sweet memories for Mike. Today, Mike’s children share episodes of “Gunsmoke” alongside Dad. McDonald has 5 children – 4 sons ages 26, 25, 15, 14, and a daughter of 12. He and wife Brandi are celebrating their 15thwedding anniversary on February 1st, 2017. An Alaskan cruise is the dream vacation, but this year they will settle for a quiet dinner, so on their 20th anniversary, the kids will be more independent and they can sail into the sunset without the slightest worry in the world. Not that there’s anything to worry about. When asked how raising a daughter was different from raising sons, he responded, “She’s neat and orderly, responsible, and dependable.” Looks like the McDonald ladies are as organized as can be! (Amen says the choir!) Grandpa Berlie is smiling down on this family unit, indeed.


Mike truly believes in Taber’s ability to bring cutting edge extrusion innovation and progress to the world. He dedicates his career to making the ‘impossible’ — possible. He knows that the people that comprise Taber are what ultimately makes the company successful. “We have a very unique group of people here. That’s what sets Taber apart from competitors. We are all dedicated in making Taber the best in the industry.” Mike knows that balance is the key to being a great leader. “The future for Taber isn’t written yet, but I see a very long and prosperous one. Taber has had a very big impact on the industry in its 44 years. We are continuing in our research of new technology and the possibilities of applying that technology or technique to our unique capabilities, so I think as long as we continue with what has made us successful, and continue to improve those areas, the sky is the limit for Taber Extrusions.”

On his days off, you can find Mike spending time with his family – watching his kids play sports or a motorcycle ride with Brandi… or perhaps fitting in some hunting, fishing, or camping. Nearby fishing & camping advice? “Lake Dardanelle. Anything around Lake Dardanelle is going to be good. The Annual Bass Masters Tournament is there.” Can’t argue with that. Thank you Berlie, for charting the course for your grandson Mike McDonald. Thank you for being a great role model so he can pass on those same attributes to his children, loved ones, and work associates. Your generation lives proudly in those that came after you. We are honored to have Michael McDonald at Taber Extrusions. To know him is to love him.

12 01, 2017

How Extruded Aluminum Saved the Canoe

2017-01-26T23:37:27+00:00 January 12th, 2017|

canoe-1668538_960_720The canoe is one of the oldest seafaring vessels in human history, but did you know that its history is inextricably linked with that of the American aluminum industry? Without innovations in extruded aluminum shapes, we might not have the modern canoe we know and love today. It all started after World War II, when the U.S. had been producing record amounts of extruded aluminum for the war effort. After the need for automotive and aerospace parts began to lessen, manufacturers and extruders needed to come up with a new use for the material. Enter: the humble canoe.

Nowadays we think of aluminum as a common metal with many household and recreation applications, including but not limited to water sports. However, because aluminum is not a naturally occurring resource but an alloy made up of multiple elements, there was time before the 1940s when finding the right applications and demand for aluminum shapes was a tricky proposition. World War II changed the U.S. economy and workforce forever by employing millions of recession-stricken Americans for primarily manufacturing-based jobs to aid in the war effort. One such employer was called Grunman, a major supplier of aluminum aircraft for allied forces. After the war, Grunman needed to find a way to stay in business while providing extruded aluminum shapes for the public at large. One of Grunman’s employees, an avid outdoorsman, first came up with the idea of an aluminum canoe after struggling with his traditional canvas and wood constructed model. Aluminum, he proposed, would be significantly lighter, watertight, and easy to manufacture using Grunman’s advance techniques gleaned from extruding military aircraft parts. The gamble paid off, and the canoes quickly became Grunman’s most popular product.

Today aluminum is still one of the most commonly found materials for personal watercraft, and Taber is proud to contribute to this legacy of innovation, ingenuity, and American manufacturing. Visit our site here to learn about some of the other industries we serve besides marine; including automotive, aerospace, and agricultural markets. No matter how unique your idea, Taber’s team of metallurgists and engineers are ready to make it a reality. Get in touch today!

21 12, 2016

Taber CNC Machining Capabilities

2017-01-26T23:37:27+00:00 December 21st, 2016|

Screen Shot 2016-12-21 at 10.52.06 AMTaber Extrusions is your full service partner from design to delivery. Our engieneers and designers work alongside you to turn your concept into a working product through our expert machining with a personal touch. CNC machining is used extensively by aluminum extrusion companies to increase efficiency and reduce error in all steps of the extrusion process, from casting, to extrusion and beyond. Our mission is to fully understand the machining needs of our customers’ aluminum extrusion-based products. Taber’s remarkable attention to the needs of the market position the company to provide customized, versatile, high-quality market-oriented products that can satisfy a wide range of applications.

Our Haas VF-7 is a rugged, large-sized VMC that yields full reliability and accuracy in a large-framed machine. The VF-7 has a 40-taper cartridge spindle driven by a 30 hp vector Dual-Drive (Y-Delta) drive. The VF-7 produces either 75 ft-lb of torque at a low 1400 rpm, or 250 ft-lb at 450 rpm with the optional 2-speed gearbox — and will also run up to 8,100 rpm in 1.2 seconds for finishing aluminum.

Haas VF-7 Video:


Up next the Emmegi Satellite XT allows for efficient work-piece machining advantages in pendulum mode including multiple set-ups. The work space of our longbed machining center can be divided into two areas, granting us the ability to load and unload on one side while machining on the other side. This level of efficiency in a machining process in return saves our customers money and time.

Emmegi Satellite XT Video:

The HMC500 comes fully loaded with features for incredibly fast cycle times. Achieving 20% faster rapid and acceleration than our phenomenally fast HM500S machine, the HMC500 is constructed with a lightweight column featuring a rigid stepped X axis rail design. This column enables a rapid feed rate of 63 meters per minute, 2480 inches per minute, with acceleration of 1G.

HMC500 Video:

Finally, through highly accurate scanning technologies, our Zeiss CMM has the ability to capture a fully defined 3D measurement for any of our extruded and fabricated profiles. Having this capability allows us to maintain the highest levels of quality by having our profiles extruded the right way- every time.

Zeiss CMM Video:

For more information or to request a quote, please call us today ay (800) 563-6853 or e-mail us at info@taberextrusions.com

7 12, 2016

Taber Now Offers AR-15 Dies to FFL Certified Firearms Manufacturers

2017-01-26T23:37:27+00:00 December 7th, 2016|

Rectangular_container1There are a number of things that sets Taber Extrusions apart from their competition. Taber has the only rectangular container in North America, which allows our customers to extrude super wide shapes, much wider than traditional round containers can offer. Taber’s slogan is “Broadest Capabilities in the Aluminum Extrusion Industry.” Is this true? How can one company “blanket the market” when it comes to capabilities? By offering the offbeat. By supplying our customers with whatever they dream up. We’ve found that collaboration results in innovation. Taber Extrusions now offers customizable upper & lower oversized extrusions for AR-15 variant rifles, perfect for the progressive fabricator looking to accommodate multiple design features. The die sets we supply are of our own design.
Our dies are created from either the 7075, and/or 6061 series aluminum alloys, some of the strongest that see widespread use — they are naturally lightweight and strong and have a far higher heat threshold than other alloys, making them a very important material in the aerospace industry. That’s right — our AR-15 shapes are made from the same material as military grade jets and satellite apparatuses.

Our AR-15 extrusions specifically benefit mid-level FFL certified firearms manufacturers who require both the upper and lower receiver portion of the mold. Customers can order as little as 1 mill length of our standard or stock AR extrusions. We also grant some interior latitude for your discretion since our uppers and lowers are a bit oversized so our customers can have more freedom.

Taber Extrusions continues to earn our leadership role in the aluminum extrusion industry. We have added small order AR-15 dies to the mix, and will continue to service top names in both the archery and firearm industries.

Very few extruding companies provide such a service. Ready to get started? Give us a call at (800) 563-6853 or request a quote at info@taberextrusions.com.

16 11, 2016

Taber Makes An Appearance at the Airshow China!

2017-01-26T23:37:27+00:00 November 16th, 2016|


Zuhai, China – Airshow China 2016 took place November 1-6 and Taber’s NMLP sister company Elgiloy Specialty Metals had a booth in the middle of the action! Elgiloy represented Taber’s exhibit materials and continuous looping PowerPoint presentation in order to familiarize attendees with Taber’s wide variety of services including ultrasonic testing capabilities, hard alloys, large press, and complex aluminum extrusions for virtually any application. Check out these photos from the airshow to see how things went!

About the Airshow

The China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition (Airshow China) is the only international aerospace trade show in China that is endorsed by the Chinese government. Airshow China is held in Zhuhai, China and features real-size products, trade talks, technological exchange and flying displays. Since 1996, it has been a successful gateway for international aviation and aerospace enterprises to showcase the latest technology and products in the fast-growing Chinese market.

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