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Aluminum Extrusions

Aluminum extrusion machined partTaber offers a full range of aluminum alloys including hard, soft, marine, and armor grade. Choose from 2000, 5000, 6000, and 7000 grades with custom chemistries available for specific metal fabrication needs.

Our aluminum extrusions range spans from less than 1 lb/ft. to over 140 lbs/ft., making Taber the broadest extruders of aluminum profiles in the industry. Our multi-void hollow capability is up to 29” wide, and we can produce solid extrusions up to 31” wide. As part of our value added approach, Taber offers design assistance for custom and specialty aluminum profiles. If you can dream it, we can shape it.

Aluminum extrusions is a process that transforms aluminum alloys into aluminum shapes with cross-sectional profiles for a wide range of uses. Aluminum is highly favored and broadly used in innumerable industry applications, and the aluminum extrusion technique takes advantage of aluminum’s valuable and distinct combination of physical characteristics. The inherent malleability of aluminum makes it easy to machine and cast. At the same time, aluminum has only one third the rigidity and density of steel. In turn, the aluminum products that result from aluminum extrusion are strong and stable, and particularly so when alloyed with additional metals.

The Only Rectangular Container In North America

wide and heavy aluminum extrusions

Do you have a super wide aluminum extrusions need? We can help. With the only rectangular container in North America, Taber is uniquely positioned to extrude super wide shapes – wider than is capable with traditional round containers. Our exclusive rectangular container allows us to supply our customers with some of the widest, most complex multi-void hollows in the industry. It’s yet another way Taber claims the title of broadest capabilities in the aluminum extrusion industry.

Advantages of Rectangular Container in 28” X 10” Size

In a rectangular container, uniform metal flow in width and thickness of wider bars and profiles, the following is achieved in contrast to round container of similar geometry:

  • The flatness can be controlled to within 75% of AA specification on wide panel, multivoid hollow profiles of up to 29” width.
  • Contour on most profiles can be controlled as per the spec without secondary operations.
  • Superior dimension control and consistency throughout the length of the extruded profile.
Taber Extrusions broadest capabilities in aluminum extrusions industry

Taber’s Aluminum Extrusions Capabilities

Taber Extrusions offers extrusion capabilities in all standard alloy series: 2000, 5000, 6000 and 7000 series. Taber will also consider extruding other alloys, e.g., 1000 and 3000 series upon request. Our aluminum profile capabilities range from Industry Standard Extrusions to intricate custom designs to meet your specific needs including large, wide and/or heavy wall profiles. From solid to multi-hollow, Taber is fully equipped to extrude products such as aluminum tubing, aluminum square tubing, aluminum channel, t slot aluminum and aluminum angle.

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