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Aluminum Alloys

The strong, yet lightweight nature of aluminum alloys have made them invaluable in applications such as aerospace or infrastructure.

Taber’s recent aluminum cast house upgrades have given us the capabilities to manufacture the full gamut of aluminum alloys for both wrought and casting purposes. Aluminum alloys that are cast can be used create products that are cost-effective because of the low melting point. Broadly used in engineering systems and applications which require lightweight or corrosion-resistant characteristics, aluminum alloys are the preferred choice for innumerable industry applications.

Taber offers the full range of aluminum alloys for all of our aluminum shapes, including hard, soft, marine, and armor grade alloys. Need specific metal fabrication? We also offer custom chemistries to meet your unique needs. All of our alloys are processed at our billet casting facility in Gulfport, Mississippi.

In a five-billion pound industry, Taber is among the leading aluminum suppliers and is the most diverse in breadth of capability.
aluminum alloys

Taber’s Aluminum Alloys

Soft Alloys

Hard Alloys

Custom chemistries available upon request!

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